Page Authority Checker

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Page Authority Checker

How can you get the number one spot on Google? The answer is simple: get ranked higher on Google's search engine. The Page Authority Checker can show you where you need to improve and what you need to do to get there.

Page authority (PA) is a ranking term from MOZ that predicts how well a particular page will rank in search engine results. A particular page’s authority score ranges from 1 to 100. Keep in mind that high scores mean a higher potential to rank.

The page authority of your site or that of your competitors is based on information from the search engine index and takes dozens of criteria into account. Like domain authority, this ranking uses machine tools to compare sites to each other more effectively. It is a relative indicator, which can change under various factors. You shouldn’t judge a site’s authority by this ranking alone. Nevertheless, it is a tool that allows you to learn how high the page gets a chance to reach the top of search results and attract more search traffic to your site.

To measure this ranking, we created a new page authority checker tool.