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How to Check YouTube Trending Videos Worldwide

Have you ever wondered how to check trending videos on youtube worldwide? Here is how.

YouTube trending refers to the videos that are currently gaining the most views and engagement on the platform.

These videos are determined by an algorithm that takes into account a variety of factors such as views, likes, comments, and how long the video has been on the Youtube platform.


To find trending youtube videos:

  1. Select the language of the videos you want to see
  2. Choose the country you want the see the most trending videos
  3. Last, select the number of results you want to see. The default is 5


The trending page is updated frequently, so you can check back frequently to see what videos are currently popular.

Trending videos can be from a variety of categories, such as music, comedy, vlogs, gaming, and more.

They can also be from a variety of sources, such as individual creators, music artists, and large media companies.